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Recent Causes

Help in Health of Poor Patients

  • Raised: INR Rs.55000
  • Goal: INR 2.5-lacs

Encourage For Women Empowerment

  • Raised: INR Rs.25000
  • Goal: INR 2-Lacs

Give a Gift to MotherNature by Plantation

  • Raised: INR Rs.62000
  • Goal: INR 1.5-lacs

Feed Hunger

  • Raised: INR Rs.72000
  • Goal: INR 2-lacs

Upcoming Event

  • 3rd
  • Feb
Gaurav -The Pride of Nation
  • Coming Soon
  • Lucknow.

Organised By:-
Divya Drishti Foundation.

About US

Divya Drishti Foundation

Divya Drishti Foundation is a non-profit NGO fostering to bridge the gap between the haves and the have nots of the society. It embodies our belief that patriotism is neither an asset of the resourceful nor exists in exclusivity; its motto is always noble and lies above materialistic barriers. We are a believer of the cult of dreamers who dare to aspire and know how to fabricate their plans into reality. Although our country is scaling to new heights of globalization but nevertheless the conspicuous void between the unprivileged and the people enjoying the surplus hasn't witnessed any contraction. In addition to the government's initiatives several NGO's and other organizations have taken up to answering to the cries of the society in the past. Much fruitful results have come out of their strenuous efforts but owing to the never ceasing demand of our country the supply is not ample to meet the ends. Consequently we felt that now its our turn to take the drivers seat and contribute to the cause of Social Upliftment or "Social Re-engineering" as we term it.

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We are serving happily since
5 years

to the needy and helpless people.
and we are happy

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Our Mission

"To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal"

Charity For Education

Make learning possible for
students of all ages,
from pre-school to graduate school.

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Feeding Hunger.

Feed the Children exists to end childhood hunger.

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Helping Our MotherNature

Planting trees & Encouraging for Afforestation
our MotherNature needs us
lets make our Planet Greener.

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Our Vision

"A just hunger-free India without poverty, a sustainable place for future generations, justice and equity for all.."