GAURAV - The Pride Of Nation

Soldiers are citizens of death's grey land, drawing no dividend from time's tomorrows. Tons of bravery, kilos of love for country, leaving all affection and attachments towards family when mixed with dedication for the citizens of the country, we get a soldier. He is perfectly disciplined and full of aggression but is also a very loving heart. Doesn't matter it's snow or sunshine, rain or humidity, sky or land, tree or desert its only soldiers who stand all the day all the night for the safety and security of his country. To celebrate this level dedication Divya Drishti Foundation has come up with an evening to appreciate the unbelievable vigor of the soldiers who care for us more than their own life. The event "Gaurav-The Pride of Nation" is all about to value and respect for the most precious contribution of the family who gifted the priceless legacy to maintain the glory and integrity of the country. A respect to the mother who gave the light of her house to make our country shine, a big salute to the father who sacrificed the support of his old age to keep the country young. Let's us come together and raise a hand for every soldier and his family for their incredible sacrifice which none of any normal citizen can afford.